First Retreat Kit Nearly Complete

We are putting the finishing touches on Bodhi House Retreat.  A collection of audio files that will allow you to create the experience of guided meditation retreat in the comfort of your own home, while on vacation or in a group setting.

Using this kit in conjunction meditations and talks that are freely available for download on the internet you will be able to sit for a couple hours, a whole day, or longer and be guided through the experience of a mediation retreat.

While nothing may replace the experience of a retreat lead by a skilled teacher, sometimes time, money, and family commitments make it hard to set aside time, or find a retreat that meets your busy schedule.  This kit will allow you to pick  when and where you choose to “retreat” no matter how busy you may feel.

We hope to have this retreat available for download soon.  Until then check back for updates.  If you have question contact us using this form.

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