Why a Home Retreat?

Let’s be honest here, there is no replacement for a retreat away from the distractions of home and daily life.  One day, three days or a week away can strengthen one’s meditation practice and provide a great springboard to re-energizing your daily practice and life in general.

The truth is sometimes it is hard to get away.  Even if you have the desire there may not be a retreat that meets your particular constraints of time, location, or cost.

Maybe you have a weekend free, or even a day or an afternoon that you can dedicate to your practice.  In this case you can plan on sitting for several hours, do some walking meditation and maybe listen to a recorded talk or guided mediation.  But that does not always go as planned.  Especially if you are always watching the clock and thinking about what to do next.

With a retreat kit it is like having a retreat leader in your own home.  They announce each section of the retreat.  There is no need to look at the clock or even a schedule once the retreat starts.  You press play once on your computer, phone, or tablet and the rest of the day’s activities unfold for you just as if you where on a leader led retreat at a retreat center.

If this sounds good you may want to consider purchasing and downloading our Retreat Kit.