Playlist Practice

If you have never created a playlist before we strongly recommend you download the test tracks below, extract them to your computer or device and then create a playlist with the tracks in the following order.

  1. TT-02 Test Track 2
  2. TT-03 Test Track 3
  3. TT-01 Test Track 1

Once you have created the playlist, play it back.  you should hear the sentence;

You have successfully created a playlist with all the tracks in the correct order.

If you are unable to create this simple playlist we recommend you do not purchase this kit until either you are comfortable with this process or you find someone that can assist you with the creation of your playlists.

The use of the kit is completely dependent on the ability to create playlists.  If you are unable to do this the kit will be of little use to you.  You can still download and use the free meditation timers as they do not require the creation of a playlist.

Download the Test Tracks